What If I Get Into An Accident With Uber Or Lyft?

Ride sharing has quickly become one of the most popular forms of transportation across the country. With the high rate of car accidents that already take place, this can mean that with more ride share cars on the road, the probability of an accident occurring can increase. Often time more traffic leads to an increased amount of accidents. It is important to assess thee factors as these companies rise in popularity, as they are not regulated or held to the same safety standard across the board.

Are riders protected in the case of an accident? Absolutely, ride share drivers are obligated to carry a million dollars in liability insurance in the case of an accident while they are on a trip. Ride share companies for the most part are good at taking care of customers in the case of an accident. What this means is that if you are injured in an accident while using ride share services you may be entitled to compensation for any losses sustained. It is important to have representation that has this knowledge and can fight to successfully get a you the proper compensation from your claim.

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