Summer Motorcycle Safety

With the weather beginning to heat up this summer, motorcycle riders will want to fire up their bikes and hit the road. California is known for its temperate climate and has one of the nation’s highest number of motorcyclists on the road around the year. Due to the crazy traffic Californians regularly experience, roads are not as motorcycle friendly as they once previously were thought to be. Congested freeways and heavily populated streets around the clock have contributed to the rise in serious motorcycle collisions. Though motorcyclists wear protective gear, they are still overly exposed in the case of a collision, especially when that collision is with another vehicle.

The most common cause of motorcycle collisions is drivers’ negligence. Those on motorcycles have low visibility to drivers and the wrong move or lane change can have serious consequences. With traffic adding a massive amount of cars and vehicles on the road, motorcyclists need to be increasing careful to stay out of harm’s way.

Most injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents are life threatening. They range from broken bones, brain and spinal cord damage, paralysis, and even more. This calls for drivers and motorcyclist to practice a high level of caution out there this summer so everyone can stay safe. Motorcycle riding can be fun and safe with the proper preparation and attention. If in the unfortunate case you do find yourself in a motorcycle accident, Free Injury Services can work to connect you to legal assistance and representation that can help you fight for your claim.


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