How Safe Are Parking Lots?

Many people regularly enjoy going to shopping centers but even in the safest of conditions, personal injury can still occur. It is perceived that parking lots are safer spaces then being on roads or highways with fast moving traffic, but this perception would not be accurate. There is data out there that suggests that a high number of individuals are struck by automobiles in parking lots each year. Grocery stores, shopping malls, parking structures, and school parking lots are all common spaces for pedestrian accidents and personal injury to occur. One may think that because drivers generally travel at a relatively low speed in parking lots, these injuries may not be serious, but on the contrary, a lot of these accidents result in life threatening injuries. There are also many cases where a driver is using a high rate of speed unnecessarily in a parking lot, which can create potentially worse injuries.

Some common injuries sustain in parking lots are fractures to lower body extremities, brain and facial injuries from the impact of a head blow, and even spinal cord fractures and nerve damage. Each one of these are serious cases and examples of major personal injury. Additionally with the increase in larger sized vehicles, this has an effect on the frequency of drivers having decreased visibility due to blind spots on large truck and SUV’s. This can cause issues when backing out of a parking space while a pedestrian is in the path of the vehicle.

You should use high caution in parking lots and do not assume that you are in the eyesight of the driver. If you happen to be involved in an accident as a pedestrian, allow Free Injury Services connect you with a legal professional who can get you some assistance with an injury claim.


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