Electric Scooter Injury – Do I Have A Claim?

Consumer Reports stated that there were 1545 electric scooter accidents in the past year in the US. With the sudden emergence and wide reach of these devices around the country it has been hard for cities to find concrete regulations for the use and safety of this new form of recreation and transportation. While total crashes can be found, there still is very little information on specific regarding scooter crashes or the extent of injuries sustained in these instances. With this missing data, it can be assumed that accident and injury rates can be even higher than reported.

This same consumer report confirmed at least 4 electric scooter related fatalities in the past year as well. Some common causes of electric scooter related injuries are children riding them, riding on sidewalks, scooters being left abandoned in the middle of the path or walk way or even left in front of business entrances. These scooters are not only putting riders at risks, but pedestrians and motorists as well. There are many different factors that can contribute to a crash on an electric scooter and in some cases accidents are just waiting to happen. If you have been involved in an accident involving an electric scooter you may be entitle to compensation. Reach out to Free Injury Services to get more information about how you can work to find legal representation with your injury claim.


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