Pre-Settlement Funding

What Is Pre-Settlement Funding?


Pre-settlement funding is the ability to use money from a future personal injury claim to cover the costs of lawsuit. The funding is based on winning a settlement and if you lose you do not pay is back as other types of funding options such as a loan. The company you use to represent yourself will covers expenses and will get some amount from the settlement. This is usually negotiated out into a percentage or fee for services.

How Does It Help You?


A pre-settlement funding company can defend you through the suit. Their expertise and understanding of the process can help you achieve you desired settlement. With no money taken up front, it is a great option to fund a lawsuit if you do not have the cash available to cover the expenses out of pocket. These companies should always have your best interest in mind. Free Injury Services exists to help you figure out the best company to use for your situation and needs.

The Value of Pre-Settlement Funding


If you do not get a settlement then you do not pay back money to the company. The company is taking you as a client with the risk of potentially not being paid if the case is not successful. The benefit of pre-settlement funding is that you will not have to take on a financial deficit to help right your life after a personal injury. Many companies offer pre-settlement funding services, each with their own way of bringing in revenue. Free Injury Services has relationships with these firms and knows how they operate. Our agents will get you the best rates and value for your funding needs.

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