Arizona Free Programs

Arizona Free Programs


In case of injury, accident, or crime, Arizona free programs have a variety of services you may need. Some time ago, the Arizona Crime Victim Compensation Program was started by the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission with the intention of providing funds to those who have been and are victims of crime. These funds can assist with expenses from violent crimes that include medical, mental health, funeral, garnished wages, crime scene clean up, and some transportation. The exact amounts for the expense payback can vary based on your situation and needs. You can get your local contact details for the ACJC below.

Additional Programs


Free Injury Services has information about Arizona free services and programs for those who are living in the state. The Arizona Department of Economic Security provides developmental services to infants, kids, and adults. They have a division that caters to over 35,000 people and families every day. These services will be given for each person’s entire life and includes training, support, planned activities, and overall assistance. Every service is provided based on the needs of each person. Click on the link below to learn more.

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